Family-owned and run since 1966

K.D. Machine, Inc. has thrived in a competitive industry for decades for the simple fact that we offer outstanding service and superior results to each of our customers. Our original facility was established in 1966 by Kenneth Davis Sr., and we remain a family-run operation to this day. A large part of our success is that we adapt and embrace new industries and technologies while maintaining our commitment to craftsmanship and excellence. In 2008 we erected a new, state-of-the-art facility that has taken K.D. Machine, Inc. to new heights. Tour our facility and view our growing list of capabilities to see how far K.D. Machine, Inc. has evoloved our over 50 years of service.

Service you can rely on

What’s the secret to longevity in an industry that is always changing? Early on we learned that the most important component of anything we manufacture is integrity; our customers know that from the first day on the job. In addition to the highest level of quality, they get answers immediately and honestly, fair pricing, and experienced craftsmen working on every project. When we take on a new customer, we fully expect that relationship to last a lifetime, and we make every effort to exceed our own reputation for service and value.


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